Swift Games

Crafting Next Level Mobile Experiences

Based in Berlin
Millions of Downloads
Profitable and Hungry for More

Our Accomplishments

At Swift, after a few months of prototyping, we launched our first game, Heroes vs. Hordes. Within the first year we had three major accomplishments: a global release, millions of downloads, and profitability as a studio.

Our Approach

We love to engage with our active community on Discord. We greatly value player feedback, but ultimately own the decisions.
We aim to ship an update every week and iterate frequently. We have embraced new AI tools that help us accelerate at super speed.
Facts over opinion. We have sophisticated analytics capabilities and primarily evaluate our features by assessing their real impact.

Our Team

At Swift, we are a group of mobile gaming experts. We are a small, agile team based in Berlin, that has a handful of members representing different nationalities.